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I would like to offer to make deliveries for your restaurant. It will help generate a whole new clientele and increase your sales
Timothy Suder
Mobile App Preview - Take your business where your customers are... on their phone! I have been doing some research on your business and I was shocked to see that you did not have a Mobile App for your customers yet. So I'd love to help! You'll find out how a mobile app can: •Increase social media activity •Increase positive online reviews •Increase local search rankings •Increase your customer loyalty & retention *Mobile Food Ordering •Increase your businesses revenue Do you happen to have 15 minutes this week to connect? I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you, Tim Timothy Suder Go Mobile 4 You Cell: 865-209-6498 Email: Reach More - Retain More - Make More Follow us on:
Tim Burton
Good morning: My name is Tim Burton and I wanted to talk with you about supplemental benefits that I can offer your employees at no cost to you all. It is based off of what the employees want, and some of the benefits are less than $10 a week. I found your email address on your website and wanted to reach out to you to give you the info and to see if you'd be interested in setting up a discovery meeting, so we can see if what we can offer you'd be interested in offering to your staff. We specialize in supplemental benefits such as: Accident, Critical Illness, Cancer, Short Term and Long Term Disability, Life Insurance, etc. We can also offer business insurance to the owner, as well as personal benefits; which is the only thing they'd be responsible for paying for, should they choose to accept the quote we can offer to him. If your employees choose to take any of these benefits, it is deducted from their check automatically; and, as I said before, it doesn't cost the owners or